About Felfel

I’m proud of Felfel.

We have fans of all ages and many backgrounds. They each have their own favourite Felfel dish and come back regularly to taste it again or try something new.

What a beautiful compliment! We love our fans just as much as they love us.

I’m a big fan of the Lebanese cuisine too. It is traditional but also refined, and I enjoy adding a fresh touch to it, by serving a classic recipe with basil mayo, for example.

The flavours that our fans love so much can only be created with quality ingredients. So we always choose fresh.

Fresher than our flatbread is probably impossible, because we make it on the spot in our beautiful copper Josper charcoal grill.

That fresh taste is crucial, but I believe a
restaurant is about more than food. Creating the right vibe is just as important. We decorated Felfel to make everyone feel welcome when they walk in.
Our open kitchen has no secrets. The long mosaic table in the back is the perfect place to work or meet up with a group. And at our smaller tables you can enjoy a good conversation over good
I like to think that at Felfel we bring together the best of trendy Antwerp and warm Lebanon. I am so very proud of that.

See you soon?